Terms and Conditions

Booking terms


By booking, guests confirm they have read and understood all the undernoted conditions, including on Coronavirus Safety, and agree to follow the included guidance when on the property.

Confirmation of booking

A booking is confirmed only following payment of booking deposit, from spahouses and receipt of deposit on this confirmation. By paying the deposit guests agree to these conditions. Please ensure you read in full before booking.

If not using instant booking above, provisional bookings arranged over phone or by email are held for 5 days maximum. Guests must arrange deposit and email bookings@spavenues.co.uk to confirm it has been sent with booking number noted in reference.

Failure to pay accommodation balance on due may result in cancellation. No refund of deposits will be provided. 

Property Guest Numbers and Travel Restrictions 

By booking, an agreement  made is between the owner and named individual making the booking for the short term holiday rental of an agreed property for their individual use and for any guests they invite up to the maximum capacity indicated. The booking individual is responsible for ensuring that any Govt rules / guidelines on travel restrictions, maximum numbers or household restrictions in place at the time of booking is not exceeded and failure to do so will be a breach of the rental agreement, which will lead to its immediate termination and retention of your damages/good behaviour deposit to cover damages to our business. 

The rental fee and booking contract for the property is fixed and not dependent on any particular number of guests attending, change or cancellation of any third party arrangements or, excepting government mandated closure, restrictions on group size or composition instructed by government or other authorities. 

Booking deposit and other fees paid will be returned if 16 weeks notice is given to cancel the booking. An admin charge of £50 will apply. Bookings with less than 16 weeks notice will only be refunded if the venue is rented out to another group and as well as admin fee, any price difference in rental rate is deducted. It is likely that the venue will be able to be rented out if you give sufficient notice. The owner has no contractual obligation to provide the property to you and may be prevented from doing so, eg flood, death or other force majeure. If the owner cancels the booking your payments will be refunded in full. No additional payment will be due to you.

We strongly recommend you take out holiday insurance and in current circumstances, epidemic cover is recommended. Except for above circumstances, no refunds will be given if you are unable to attend venue for whatever reason other than government mandated closure of the property.

A change in date is a cancellation and rebooking and subject to above booking terms. The facilities at venues can change from to time but will always feature in the website at time of booking, or rebooking. 

Good faith /behaviour deposit

The online booking system will also take a refundable deposit for damages. Charges will be made for any significant damages to the property or damages to neighbours if you have not respected the community and peaceful environment of the area. Using the hot tub outwith permitted hours results in the good faith deposit being charged in full. If noise complaints are received you will be required to depart. Any calls to the police by neighbours will result in your departure. No refund of accommodation will be given. When we charge you for this the proceeds will be donated in full to a Scottish charity of your choice and receipt emailed to you.

Damages to furnishings and fittings are chargeable. We expect the occasional broken glass etc and don’t charge for this.

Outside area Silence

The outside areas of all venues are quiet zones at all times and silence is required after 9.30pm, therefore not suitable for loud and rowdy groups. You can play music  inside the venue provided the windows and doors are closed at all times. No outside music, pa systems or entertainers are permitted except by written prior permission

Use of facilities and catering/spa services

Use of thermal facilities is entirely at your own risk and no claim may be made for accidents etc caused by improper use. The outdoor facilities are only permitted until 930pm each night. Breakdowns occur occasionally of spa facilities and use of all other facilities is not guaranteed and facilities can be changed at any time. Every effort will be made to carry out repairs but it is unlikely they will be able to be done on the same day of your stay as it is subject to engineer availability. Third party catering and spa treatments are not guaranteed and any other extra service do not form part of our contract as suppliers may become unavailable due to illness etc

No groups permitted where majority of guests are under 25, except by mutual agreement, and in these circumstances an extended security deposit may be required.